The Final Week

I made it into the final week of induction!

No more power points and talks, this time we where allowed to take part in the Park lives activities and get a taster of what its like to be an Activator. It was a positive induction experience because we learnt a lot in two weeks, we where not thrown in the deep end, we had been given the necessary knowledge needed to be an activator and how to utilise the equipment in order to bring the community together so that they can enjoy their time.

The induction weeks enabled me to know the group a little better and build a social relationship which allowed me to seek advice and help if I needed it. However, I think that we needed to go out more to different parks and wellbeing centres’ around Birmingham, so that we can familiarise ourselves with the parks/centres, this could have been done by arranging a visit which allowed us to see a ‘wellbeing activator’ lead a session in the park and how they interact with the public, this would give us a visual experience on how we should carry out the sessions we go to.

we could have also been given our actual timetable which would have allowed us to continue the following week knowing what we had to do instead of being confused.

However, the event at Maypole Ln ‘Happy Valley Festival Day’ with Active Streets allowed me to interact with the public and play games with children at the event such as helping out with the ‘Bow and Arrow’ as well as signing people up with leisure cards, this was surprising because it was my first time at an event and I managed to sign up to 6 people which was great fun because it enabled me to build a strong relationship with the community living around the park.





A truly inspiring week

I honestly didn’t think that I would have the opportunity to take part in Project Brum at Birmingham City Council. Coming from Birmingham living in the community, after finishing my AS Level exams, I spent my first two days getting to know the people around me and what working on this Project meant to them. This allowed me to really see what the wellbeing service do for the first time and judging from a brainstorm of what I knew about the wellbeing service I knew a little.

Over the following days, I spent the mornings with the group learning about the type of service that is carried out by the wellbeing service and how this impacts the community,  I really enjoyed learning about the different background to the service and what great success they have. 

The time I spent during the week ha

s showed me the methodical and detailed approach the service undertakes to ensure that the community has what it needs.